Preparations for Competency Assessment of Program and Project Managers

Building upon the initial requirements outlined in the October 2018 Memorandum for CXO Councils, “Program Management Improvement Accountability Act – Program and Project Managers Workforce Survey,” the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will subsequently be required to assess the competencies of program and project managers.  In preparation for this endeavor, we are requesting that Chief Financial Officers Act agencies provide their preferred timeline for participating in the assessment, which will be conducted in a phased approach.  While the current phases are tentative and dependent upon the completion of other activities, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.  Please submit your agency’s response below by December 21, 2018.  Questions may be directed to

Please rank the following timelines in order of preference (1 = first choice/most preferable and 4 = last choice/least preferable) for your agency's participation in the competency assessment:
Group 1: mid-May 2019 to mid-Aug 2019
Group 2: early-Jul 2019 to late-Sep 2019
Group 3: mid-Aug 2019 to mid-Nov 2019
Group 4: early-Oct 2019 to late-Dec 2019
Please provide any comments for the project managers:

OPM Form Number 5020

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