Program and Project Management Study

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is asking for your help to develop a more effective Federal workforce.  You can help by completing this survey, which is designed to obtain important information about the work performed in Federal program and project management positions.  For the purposes of this survey, we are interested only in the employees performing program or project work.
How will the Results of the Survey be used?
The results of this survey will be used to better understand the nature and scope of program and project management work governmentwide. At this time, we are particularly interested in who is performing the work, and where the work is performed within agencies.  This information will help OPM identify subject matter experts  for future research and data collection efforts.
Who is Being Asked to Complete the Survey?
To obtain the best possible information, we are asking Federal employees in program and project management positions to complete the survey. 
Who Will See My Responses to the Survey?
Your responses on the completed survey will be analyzed by OPM.  All information that you provide will be treated confidentially by OPM.  Only group data will be reported; in any public release of survey results, no data will be disclosed that could be used to identify specific individuals.


OPM Form 5015