2019 Program & Project Management Job Analysis Survey (Supervisor)

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is asking for your help to build a more effective Federal workforce.  You can help by completing this survey which is designed to obtain important information about the work performed in Federal program and project management positions. For the purposes of this survey, we are interested only in the program or project management work your employees perform.  Although your employees may perform work in other occupational domains (for example, research, contracting, area of technical expertise), we are only interested in the portion of your employees' work that is program or project management at this time.

How Will the Results of the Survey Be Used?
In this study, we are collecting information to identify the tasks and competencies that are most important for successful performance in Federal program and project management positions.  Results will be used to inform Federal human resources policy and to assist employees in career development and training, as well as to help organizations with workforce planning, selection, and performance management.  Your ratings and those from other supervisors and employees will paint a picture of the work performed in project management across the Federal Government. 
Who Is Being Asked to Complete the Survey?

To obtain the best possible information, this survey is intended only for those Federal employees who supervise employees who perform program or project management work.  You may forward this survey link (https://feedback.opm.gov/Community/se/076F44103F96496E) to other Federal supervisors, managers, or executives.
Who Will See My Responses to the Survey?
Your responses on the completed survey will be analyzed by OPM.  All information that you provide will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act by OPM.
What Does the Survey Cover?
This survey contains four sections: (I) Occupational Background, (II) Competencies,(III) Tasks, and (IV) Background Information.  The Occupational Background section asks for information about you and your employees, such as the department or agency for which you and your employees currently work.  The Competencies section asks you to rate competencies that may be required to perform program and project management work in your employees’ jobs. The Tasks section asks you to rate program or project management tasks that may be performed as part of your employees’ jobs.  The Background Information section asks for information about you, such as your years of Federal service.

How Long Will the Survey Take to Complete?

The survey will take approximately 60 minutes per grade level to complete.  You may select up to two grade levels.  To save your responses prior to submitting the survey, please click ‘Save’ and record your personalized link.


OPM Form 5025